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Lance Johnstone

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Lance Johnstone is a former American football defensive end. He was drafted in the 1996 NFL Draft by the Oakland Raiders and also played for the Minnesota Vikings from 2001 to 2005 where he accumulated 42 sacks in just five seasons. He was signed again by Oakland in April 2006. In his 11 NFL seasons, he has only missed nine games.

Since his retirement from football, Lance has completed executive management programs from Harvard, Stanford and Wharton. He has worked with Merrill Lynch as an RIA, and has served as director of Star Angel Network since 2012.

After years of service to America’s richest sports venture boasting roughly $10 billion in annual revenue, Lance now has arthritis throughout every joint in his body. He also suffers from FREQUENT headaches and moments of memory loss plus a long list of ailments caused by his years on the field making it difficult to do the basic things that many of us take for granted.  As a result of his commitment to the game, Lance and many of his fellow players suffered in silence.

“I had to take multiple over the counter pain pills just to practice and play games.  I continued to use over the counter medication almost daily to manage my pain when I retired until I learned more about their long term effects.” Lance explained.

For so many players like Lance, popping pills to deal with the pain became the norm, but prolong use of Over the Counter (“OTC”) medicine can become deadly as we discover the long term effects of taking over the counter pain medicine on a daily basis.

“There has to be a better way TO manage pain and maintain a healthy brain”, Lance expressed, “This is why I’ve decided to take a stand”. The difference now is that Lance is taking the fight off the field and directly to the masses to build awareness about the pain that many current and ex-players encounter on a daily basis, but more importantly the long-term effects of using OTC medication for pain management on an ongoing basis. this is an issue that everyone using otc medication must be aware of.

As an advocate for safe alternative pain management, Lance has signed on to be the  sports medicine spokesperson for Timeless Herbal, an international, nutraceutical, pharmaceutical company scientifically producing medical marijuana and other natural herbal products which ensure Safety, Efficacy, and Quality Control for its customers.

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    15 Nov 2016
    Palms - Grand Ballroom