Debby Goldsberry

Debby Goldsberry


Debby Goldsberry is among the most accomplished activists in the cannabis community, regardless of gender. She has more than 25 years of industry experience and is associated with a plethora of non-profit organizations. Debby is currently Executive Director of one of Oakland’s premiere dispensaries, Magnolia Wellness.


Goldsberry co-founded the Berkeley Patients Group (BPG) in 2000. She went on to direct the organization for 11 years as it became one of the most successful dispensaries in northern California. Goldsberry has since parted ways with BPG and went on to co-found Communicare Centers – a collective dedicated to standardized cannabis medicines.


In addition to her work with dispensaries, Goldsberry has a long history of involvement with cannabis policy movements. She also co-founded Americans for Safe Access, the Medical Cannabis Safety Council, and the Cannabis Action Network (CAN), which influenced the creation of Students for Sensible Drug Policy and the Marijuana Policy Project.


Goldsberry has received numerous awards in the past to honor her work for the cannabis community. She has twice been named the HIGH TIMES Freedom Fighter of the Month, and received Freedom Fighter of the Year for 2011-12. Furthermore, NORML awarded Goldsberry with the Paula Sabine Award for Women in Leadership in 2005.