Medical State Initiatives

15 Nov 2016
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Medical State Initiatives


Michigan has an estimated 211,000 patients in the state registry – more registered patients than any state in the country (does not include California which does not track registrations). Matthew Abel is a long time attorney specializing in marijuana defense and director of NORML for Michigan and will provide an update on the new medical rules signed in by the governor on September 21, 2016. Based upon recent medical sales reports by month in Colorado to their 107,000 registered patients – the Michigan medical market may exceed $1B annually today.


In 2014, a majority of voters approved of Amendment 2, about 57 percent, but state law requires a super majority of support — 60 percent or higher — so the ballot initiative failed to pass.

Back on the ballot for 2016, Florida’s medicinal ballot is perhaps the most important initiative after the adult use initiative in California.

Florida has it’s eye on 2018 as well with Regulate Florida already circulating a petition for 2018 ballot, to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol.  This initiative, in the 3rd largest state in the country, will instantly create a new billion dollar industry for Florida.

Big state victories for the pro-marijuana contingent — recreational weed in California, medical marijuana in Florida — could widen the gap between state and federal marijuana policies, ratcheting up pressure on Congress and the next presidential administration to provide a fix.