Do The Right Strain

16 Nov 2016
Palms - Grand Ballroom

Do The Right Strain

What do Blue Dream, ACDC, OG Kush, or Durban Poison tell you about the medicinal benefits of the strain? For the novice, nothing. For the experienced consumer, only slightly more.

Choosing the right strain of medical cannabis can be daunting with so many different and obscure names. Compound this lack of nomenclature with the individuality of the endocannabinoid system, and it is enough to make many, who could benefit greatly, avoid cannabis as an option entirely. This is unfortunate because with a bit of education and standardization in naming it is an issue easily addressed.

When cannabis is lab tested we learn a lot about how it will affect different conditions. The presence of THC will, likely, bring on psychoactivity, but it is the combination of cannabinoids and terpenes (and flavonoids) that determine the overall effect of the medicine. The presence of myrcene may bring on the heavy, sleepy feeling many describe as couch-lock, while limonene may be invigorating.

Join us as we dig deeper into the understanding of cannabis strains, understanding lab results, and selecting the best medicines for your conditions.