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More than 1,000 people filled the Denver ballroom at the Marijuana Investor Summit in April of 2015, eagerly anticipating the first CannaPitch. In less than two years more than a dozen companies have pitched and successfully raised millions of dollars in funding.

The Securities and Exchange Commission has issued new regulations allowing general solicitation for private companies raising capital. It is now legal to advertise your offering on the internet, in newspapers, magazines and billboards. The sky is the limit on advertising, or maybe not for those enterprising entrepreneurs who want to go the skywriting route or perhaps a biplane and banner. The new rules allow for both accredited and non-accredited investors to invest up to $50 million per company.

Auditions are being held in Las Vegas on November 15th and 16th at the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas. Your pitch will be professionally recorded for placement on to get your funding engine started. All pitch auditions will be placed not only on CannaFundr, but will also be included on our new MJINews online television network that will launch Dec 1, 2017 or sooner.

Live Stream Pitch Event March 6th, 2017 Sheraton Marina San Diego, California

The CannaPitch team is ready and willing to teach you the rules to assure compliance with all securities laws, in addition to helping you develop your pitch, prepare your documents and assist with deal terms and valuations. This year, we are adding Square Planet with Brian Burkhardt to assist you. Brian has already assisted in preparation for six companies that have pitched live on Shark Tank and is recognized worldwide for his presentation coaching.  Our finalists will receive a full day pre-event training on March 5th plus pre-show webinar training leading up to the event.

The winner of CannaPitch will receive $60,000 worth of media and business acceleration services, and each participant will also receive a free exhibit booth and passes to the California Cannabis Business Expo where CannaPitch will be held.

CannaPitch is produced and sponsored by Marijuana International Company Inc. (MJIC). MJIC has a direct investment portfolio of 15 companies in the cannabis industry, and has acquired an additional 6 companies as wholly owned subsidiaries. Not only will you be pitching to the largest investor pool in the world of cannabis – but you will be reviewed for addition to MJIC’s growing pool of investments and subsidiary companies.

Be a part of our next big event in San Diego on March 5 at the Sheraton Marina Pavilion. Reserve your place now as we expect a standing-room only event. For those who don’t snag a seat, we will be live-streaming CannaPitch to anyone with internet access taking advantage of the new funding regulations that allow general solicitation and open your company investment to the entire world!

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