Keynote Speaker Stormy Simon

Stormy is an established e-commerce innovator, pioneer, as well as a proven business leader. In summer 2016, she stepped down as President of Overstock to explore the emerging American cannabis industry.

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Day 1
15 Nov 2016
Day 2
16 Nov 2016

Colombia And South America – Legal Exports

GoodMeds from Colorado has recently assisted with new licensing in Colombia, South America. Learn from them what it takes to expand your business internationally! Like many drug barons in Colombia,...
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John Knapp
Michael Mayes


Canada has a large medical cannabis industry and may soon legalize adult use nationwide. Leading this session is Deepak Anand. Mr. Anand is the Executive Director of the Canadian National Medical...
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Deepak Anand, MBA
Dooma Wendschuh


Puerto Rico & Jamaica Puerto Rico, which started drafting its framework in January, could see its first sales under the new program in a matter of months, according to statements...
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Barry Robert Gainsburg, Esq.
Edgar Montero
Mark Slaugh
Lance Johnstone
Courtney Betty

Emerging Brands Showcase

Featuring companies pitching their products/services to consumers and businesses in front of an audience of supporters. Meet and talk to the founders after they pitch in our Networking Hive. You...
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Bradley Orr, CFA

Lunch in Networking and Exhibit Hall

Emerging Brands

Featuring companies pitching their products/services to consumers and businesses in front of an audience of supporters. Meet and talk to the founders after they pitch in our Networking Hive. You...
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Megan Champion
Michael Katz

New England States

Maine In Maine, supporters of legalization turned in over 99,000 petition signatures to have the referendum listed on the November ballot. But 47,000 of those signatures were deemed invalid, leaving...
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Shanel Lindsay
Patricia Rosi

Southwest States

Arizona The Yes on 205 Campaign has begun! Supporters of the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol in Arizona, sponsored by the Marijuana Policy Project, have collected enough signatures to put the initiative...
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Lilach Power
Pamela Epstein


Israel leads the world in research on cannabis and the 113+ cannabinoids the plant can contain. Saul and Daniel are leaders in Israel and will talk about their regulations and...
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Clifton Flack
Saul Kaye


Emerging Brands Showcase

Featuring companies pitching their products/services to consumers and businesses in front of an audience of supporters. Meet and talk to the founders after they pitch in our Networking Hive. You...
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Medical State Initiatives

Michigan Michigan has an estimated 211,000 patients in the state registry – more registered patients than any state in the country (does not include California which does not track registrations)....
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Michael C. Minardi
Ari Gerstin
Matthew Abel


California represents the largest market in North America. Learn about how their regulations have progressed for both medical and adult use, and how you can participate as an owner, operator,...
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Amanda Ostrowitz, Esq.
Keith McCarty
Kimberly R. Simms ESQ
Lawrence W. Horwitz

National Indian Cannabis Coalition Update

It seems everyone knows about the memos that created the opportunity for Indian Nations to participate in the cannabis industry. How can this co-exist with other state and federal laws?...
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Jeff Doctor

Green Carpet Opens for VIPs and Nominees

AJ and Jen Gentile Host Our Opening Green Carpet For Photos and Recording Opportunities.
Jen Gentile
AJ Gentile

Cannabis Industry Awards VIP Reception

The reception is for speakers, nominees, sponsors and invited guests. We will be in the Rain Nightclub and have outdoor lounge by the pool next to the nightclub. Live musical...
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Meet FOCUS At Our VIP Reception

Even though more than half of the states currently permit cannabis for medical or adult use, it remains illegal under federal law. This regulatory contradiction creates a significant problem –...
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Cannabis Industry Awards

There is no charge for general admission; however there is a suggested donation of $25 that will be split between FOCUS and MAPS. Foundation of Cannabis Unified Standards is an...
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The After Party

Suggested donation minimum $25 for awards includes our after party in the Rain Nightclub at the Palms Hotel – rated a top night club and venue in Las Vegas. DJ...
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Networking Arena

Free Industry Networking Join 50+ companies and discuss new products and services that are revolutionizing the cannabis industry. Find co-founders, start a new career – or just find the hottest...
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Acquisitions and Mergers

Buying /  selling or investing in any business requires proper diligence. In the cannabis industry – you need to take extra steps. This panel will focus on the diligence you...
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Paul Shively
Kevin Sutherland

Picks and Shovels

You don’t have to touch the plant to make money in the cannabis industry – just as some made fortunes selling picks and shovels during the gold rush, companies that...
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Cullen Raichart

Licensing – Branding – Franchises

Whether you want to create one – invest in one – or buy from someone, we will discuss the pros and cons with costs you can anticipate.
Aaron Raskin
Jen Gentile
AJ Gentile

Funding Your Business

Needless to say, banks are not going to be your first choice. How can you raise capital legally – and then bank the money you make? From venture capital to...
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Jillian Sidoti
Keith McCarty
Randy Shipley
Daniel Yazbeck


Processing And Manufacturing

Oils – Dabs – Tinctures – Topicals – Edibles – CO2 – BHO – Cold Ethanol – Need we say more?
Bradley Orr, CFA
Michael Katz

Distribution and Dispensaries

Covering retail outlets, delivery services and wholesaling. Where they are legal – and where they are not! Panel includes founders and operators of both delivery and dispensaries in both Southern...
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Marty Higgins
Jen Gentile
AJ Gentile

Networking Break

Keynote – Stormy Simon

Stormy joined in 2001 during the formative years of e-commerce, when the company’s revenue was less than $20M and employees numbered under 100.  In the beginning, Stormy developed PR in-house,...
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Stormy Simon

Coping With PTSD

An estimated 7.8 percent of Americans will experience PTSD at some point in their lives, with women (10.4%) twice as likely as men (5%) to develop PTSD. About 3.6 percent...
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Dr. Sue Sisley

Cannabis: Solution to the Opiate Epidemic

Heroin and prescription opioid addiction to drugs like Oxycontin and Vicodin is hitting record numbers in the United States. The medical community has largely attempted to treat these addictions with more...
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Dr. David Tonkin, MD
Gina Berman M.D.
Dr. Michelle Ross

Miracle of the Endocannabinoid System

Cannabis has a profound influence on the human body. Children with seizures to athletes with joint pain are using cannabis to cope effectively. This one herb and its variety of...
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Marvin Washington
Debra Kimless M.D.
Lance Johnstone

What Role Will FDA Play In Medicinal Cannabis?

Stephen Goldner brings 40 years of extensive medical science and FDA law expertise that includes 220 medical devices and a dozen drugs approved, and that launched a couple of hundred health...
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Stephen Goldner

More About FDA And Cannabis

Mr. T. J. Jesky began his pharmaceutical career with Norwich-Eaton Pharmaceuticals, that was subsequently acquired by Procter & Gamble and became Procter & Gamble Pharmaceuticals.  During his 23-years with P&G,...
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T.J. Jesky

Standards For Medicinal Cannabis

As regulations are established for medicinal cannabis use, there will be increased focus on standards for testing, labeling and content. Lezli and Genifer are two of the leaders in understanding...
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Genifer Murray
Lezli Engelking

Do The Right Strain

What do Blue Dream, ACDC, OG Kush, or Durban Poison tell you about the medicinal benefits of the strain? For the novice, nothing. For the experienced consumer, only slightly more....
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William Jamieson
Mara Gordon

Smoked Cannabis as a Pharmaceutical

Multiple clinical trials have demonstrated the potential efficacy of medical marijuana in the treatment of pain and other medical conditions. Despite these studies, regulatory agencies and professional medical associations have...
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Guy Chamberland, M.Sc., Ph.D., Master Herbalist

Smoke Free Methods For Medical Cannabis

Marijuana enthusiasts are some of the most creative people on the planet. It’s only right that some of that creative energy gets invested back into the field that inspired it—namely,...
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Shanel Lindsay
Alison Ettel
Chris Sayegh

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